Epic Kills

Top 10 Kills Of ALL Time:
I'm going to take the best of the best Lmac kills & put them all on 1 page.  Think you can kill Lmac with a diamond block?  Maybe you can kill him 3 times in 30 seconds?  Whatever it is...if it's epic enough...you'll land yourself here with the other epic kills.

1.  Lmac Vs TNT Cannon
This took place in round 1 of the 2013 Fall Walls Tournament.  The video was provided by Resistance93.  Not sure who lit the cannon & who to give credit for the kill.

2. Dialing Lmac Long Distance
I was playing The Nile over on The Overcast Network in early April, and one of my arrows killed Lmac from 129 blocks away.  That's currently the longest Lmac kill ever!

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