How To Submit Evidence

You might kill Lmac, but if you can't follow these directions, you won't get points for it.

Step 1:  Kill Lmac.

Step 2:  Type "I got a point for killing Lmac77" in the chat.

Step 3:  Take a screenshot of the death notification along with the message you typed out.  It needs to say that YOU killed him...not someone else.

You can also record video of you killing Lmac.  If you do this, the video needs to be short & start just before he dies.  I don't want videos that are 20 minutes long, and then have to watch all 20 minutes just to find where he dies at.

Step 4:  Upload your picture to & send me the link via Twitter (@Spintown).  If it's a video you have to upload it to YouTube.  I want direct links to the evidence...don't send me to a blog post that has your evidence on it, or your gamer wall with it posted there.  Only those 2 hosting options will allow you to get your points.

Step 5:  I'll review the evidence, and if it's valid I'll make a blog post featuring your kill...and of course give you a point.


  1. Unfortunately since I don't have a twitter, can I just message you via Enjin saying that I killed him?

    1. I guess, but Twitter would be much better. You should get one. I'm an old man & I've even got a Twitter. ;p